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ArcFM Engine

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In keeping with the evolution of ESRI’s ArcGIS® technology, Telvent provides ArcFM™ objects and developer kits to leverage the power of the ArcGIS Engine and ArcGIS Server products.

Using ArcGIS Engine, developers can incorporate ArcGIS functions into applications. ArcGIS Engine is infrastructure for delivering subsets of GIS capabilities for specialized needs. ArcGIS Server provides advanced mapping, geoprocessing, and spatial data management as ‘services’ using the business logic currently only available in the desktop environment. With ArcGIS Server, users can develop server-based business logic for their applications and make it available on demand using a mix of thin/thick and mobile/stationary clients. Determining when to develop engine versus server applications will be a function of the applications environment (thick client or web) and the number of seats being deployed.

ArcFM Engine

ArcFM Engine supplements ESRI’s ArcGIS Engine components for developing focused stand-alone view, edit, and query applications with ArcFM and ArcGIS functionality.

ArcFM Engine Developer Kit:
contains a number of ArcFM components useful for developers implementing custom functionality for ArcGIS Engine applications. In addition to the ArcFM components, developer help, object models and sample programs are included.

ArcFM Engine Runtime:
contains the required infrastructure to run custom ArcFM Engine applications.

ArcFM Engine Editor Extension (sold separately):
contains the ArcFM components to support editing within an ArcGIS Engine environment. The ESRI ArcGIS Engine Runtime with Geodatabase Update Extension is required.

A developer may implement these and many other functions in applications built using the ArcFM Engine Developer Kit combined with the Runtime and optionally the Editor Extension:

  • Execute traces for electric, gas, and water geometric networks
  • Search for and locate features on the map
  • Determine which feature layers the user may select
  • Display the currently selected layers
  • Access bookmarks to display specific areas on the map at certain extents
  • Printing capabilities with page templates and stored displays
  • Utilize the ArcFM Solution model name framework
  • Automate specific data tasks and execute editing business rules using autoupdaters
  • Support for ArcFM GeoObjects
  • Access the ArcFM Properties Manager to perform configuration tasks such as assigning model names and autoupdaters

ArcFM-based Engine Application Examples

  • Embedding a map control with view and query functionality within a work management application
  • Simple ArcFM Viewer-like application to view realtime data
  • Extending marketing applications such as using a spatial query to determine whether existing facilities are within a predefined distance
  • Given a device, return a list of the upstream protective devices
  • Simple editing applications (e.g. managing pole attachments) that do not need a full-fledged editing environment

ArcFM Engine

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