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Digital Atlas of Kazakhistan (DAK)


The Digital Atlas of the Kazakhstan is a comprehensive 1:2,000,000 scale vectorised base map of the Kazakhstan. It consists of geographic attribute and textual data that can be accessed, queried, manipulated displayed, and modified with the help of Arc/Info Software.

Each coverage gets its attribute value according to previously constructed database design. Design was made in such a manner that could be acceptable to a wide range of users.

Coverage is the basic form of vector data storage in ARC/INFO software. Data are stored primarily as points, lines or polygons, and secondary as text, tics and boundary data. All vector data have corresponding tables with system and user-defined attributes.

The whole dataset is transformed into cartographic projections on World Geographic System 1984 Projection with following parameters:
Projection WGS 84

The base coverage has been adopted from Digital Chart of The World (DCW) data published by ESRI.

  • International Countries
  • Districts
  • Cities
  • Roads
  • Cultural land marks
  • Railway line
  • Gas Storage
  • Oil And Gas Deposits
  • Refineries
  • Ports
  • Ore Concentration Plants
  • Mining Fields
  • Pipelines
  • Islands
  • Seas
  • International Boundary
  • Electric Power Lines
  • Mining and Processing Enterprises
  • Sub-Station
  • Oil and Gas Pumping Stations
  • Electric & Atomic Power Station
  • Latitude & Longitude
  • Drainage lines
  • Drainage points
  • Hypsography
  • Spot Height
  • Land cover
  • Physiography
  • Transportation lines
  • Bridges
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