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GeoCollector is the ideal solution for collecting and maintaining the accuracy of your GIS data. ESRI, the leading GIS software vendor, has partnered with Trimble, the leading GPS vendor, to exclusively offer the GeoCollector series.

The GeoCollector series consists of ESRI's ArcPad software andTrimble's GPScorrect for ArcPad software preinstalled on a GeoExplorer 2008 series handheld. See examples of application areas and industries in which ArcPad is used.

Users can also purchase Trimble's GPS Analyst extension to ArcGIS Desktop to complete the end-to-end GeoCollector workflow. With three accuracy options and out-of-the-box operation for rapid field deployment, the GeoCollector series is ideally suited to meet the mobile GIS needs of your organization.

Trimble's GeoExplorer 2008 series comes with a choice of 1–3 meter, submeter, or subfoot accuracies. All three feature a 520 MHz XScale processor running the latest Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 software; VGA display (480 x 640), sunlight-readable color touch screen; internal rechargeable battery for all-day use, 128 MB RAM; 1 GB nonvolatile Flash data storage; Bluetooth 1.2 wireless technology; 802.11b/g wireless LAN connectivity; and sealed SD/SDHC card slot.

Each GeoCollector system comes preloaded with ESRI's ArcPad, delivering hassle-free field collection and seamless data integration with ArcGIS products by using the same data formats, symbology, and project structure in the field and the office. The Trimble GPScorrect extension for ArcPad, also preloaded, collects and manages GPS data to enable improved GIS data accuracy through differential correction with GPS Analyst.

Although data can be used directly from the field, Trimble's GPS Analyst extension for ArcGIS Desktop completes the end-to-end GeoCollector workflow. GPS Analyst enables automated download and postprocessing of your GeoCollector data directly in the ArcGIS Desktop environment, and by differentially correcting downloaded data, GPS Analyst ensures the accuracy of your GIS. GPS Analyst is a key component of the GeoCollector system and must be purchased for each ArcGIS workstation or notebook through which GeoCollector data is to be downloaded and processed.

The GeoCollector solution exclusively from ESRI is designed to ensure that the benefits of a mobile GIS workflow are a reality throughout your organization.

If you have any questions about GeoCollector, e-mailgeocollector@esri.com.

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