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ESRI Softwares
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ESRI offers two freely downloadable applications that you can use to view and discover geographic information.

NOTE: ArcGIS Explorer is ESRI's primary tool for exploring, sharing, and presenting your geographic information, and it is updated frequently. ESRI development resources are no longer devoted to ArcExplorer.

A desktop client that can fuse your local data with 2D and 3D content published to the Web. Find out more.

A lightweight GIS data viewer that allows you to perform basic GIS functions. Find out more.

ArcGIS Explorer ArcExplorer
Interactive presentation tools Checked
Access to continually updated basemaps and layers from ArcGIS Online Checked
Ability to add HTML-capable pop-up windows Checked
Customizable Checked
Dedicated online Resource Center Checked
Identify and query Checked Checked
Spatial analysis Checked
Support for
Layer packages Checked
Shapefiles Checked Checked
Common raster formats Checked Checked
2D/3D Checked
KML/KMZ Checked
Data stored in a geodatabase Checked
GeoRSS Checked
Access to online services
ArcIMS services Checked Checked
ArcGIS Server services Checked
WMS services Checked

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