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What is ArcLogistics?

ArcLogistics is a software solution for fleet route planning. With ArcLogistics, you can produce optimized routes and solve sophisticated multidimensional scheduling problems for your fleet. ArcLogistics goes well beyond finding the shortest path between a set of stops by incorporating driver and vehicle costs, capacity, schedules, and street networks into a solution. ArcLogistics benefits customers through the reduction of fleet-related expenses including fuel, maintenance, additional capital investment, and reduced route planning time. Service is improved to the end customer with improved on-time performance from accurate and optimal routes.

What advantages can I expect by using ArcLogistics?
  • Cost reductions are realized related to employee overtime, vehicle use, and fuel savings. Minimize mileage and overtime and reduce time spent planning routes.
  • Efficiency is found through generating optimized routes in shorter amounts of time. You can serve more customers with the same fleet, easily respond to same-day requests, reduce cycle time, and lower the driver-dispatcher ratio.
  • Improved customer service is gained from offering tighter time windows and improved on-time performance to your customers. Tighter time windows help you keep the promise of on-time performance that establishes a good reputation to retain customers.
Who is ArcLogistics designed to help?

ArcLogistics gives the biggest benefit to companies that have the following characteristics:

  • One to 50 vehicles
  • Multiple stops required per day
  • Dynamic schedules (Every day is different.)
  • Product or service deliveries
  • Mobile assets
  • A need for scheduling changes, improving customer service, and reducing expenses and emissions

Route planners and dispatchers benefit: ArcLogistics doesn't replace the knowledge of the route planner or dispatcher; it empowers these professionals to see all the factors involved in generating schedules and routes, apply company-specific knowledge, and create optimal and workable solutions.

Management benefits: ArcLogistics can generate daily route reports and help managers review route adherence. Optimized routing means that vehicles are used more efficiently, overtime is kept in check, and overall operations costs are reduced. Our customers typically report that return on investment for ArcLogistics comes within weeks of implementation.

Drivers benefit: Realistic routes consider the capacity of their vehicles and the amount of time they need at each stop, as well as safe directions provided by detailed manifests or in the vehicle with ArcLogistics Navigator.

Customers and constituents benefit: They engage with organizations that are consistent, on time, and efficient.

What fleet sizes does ArcLogistics support?

ArcLogistics is most effective in routing 1 to 50 vehicles per location.

How many capacities can I use in creating my routes?

When you generate routes, you have five capacities that help you create the optimum solution:

  • Weight
  • Volume
  • Number of orders
  • Two additional customizable capacities to fit your business needs
Can ArcLogistics solve side-of-street routing?

If you need to solve side-of-street routing problems where entire street segments are traversed, such as meter reading, snowplow, and mail delivery routes, ESRI offers other GIS technology appropriate for these applications. Visit www.esri.com/networkanalystto learn more.

Can ArcLogistics import orders from my existing database or work order system?

Yes. ArcLogistics imports any ODBC database as well as many common file formats including Microsoft Excel.

I'm a longtime user of ArcLogistics desktop versions. Aside from being offered as software as a service (SaaS), how is this new deployment of ArcLogistics different from previous versions, such as ArcLogistics 9.3?

The new user interface was designed to be more workflow driven. The idea is to have an interface that is familiar and appealing to current customers but that offers an experience that helps smaller fleets get started with optimized routing quickly and easily. One significant difference is that you won't have to manage the street data, as it's provided as a service from ArcGIS Online.

Does this new deployment of ArcLogistics replace ArcLogistics 9.3?

No. We will continue to license and support ArcLogistics 9.3 for quite some time.

Can ArcLogistics be customized? Are there people who can help with that?

Yes. ESRI has business partners available that focus on implementing ArcLogistics and have specific expertise in your field. Often, these business partners have created their own plug-ins to ArcLogistics that facilitate industry-specific workflows or other time-saving productivity tools. To find an ArcLogistics business partner, please request a callby selecting ArcLogistics from the pick list. An ESRI representative will contact you.

How do I see a live demo?

For a live demo, please request a call by selecting ArcLogistics from the pick list. An ESRI representative will contact you to set up a Web demo.

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