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ArcIMS Route Server


ArcIMS Route Server offers fast and accurate routing capabilities within the ArcIMS framework. It lets users perform rapid cross-country routing, set routing preferences (highway preferences, shortest route, or fastest route), and use precision settings to fine-tune results. ArcIMS Route Server is a valuable addition to any ArcIMS software-powered Web site.

The ArcIMS Route Server extension adds the following capabilities to the ArcIMS server:

Point-to-point paths can be calculated between a set of two or more stops (e.g., a path within a neighborhood, across a city, or across the country). The route results are displayed as maps with the reported driving directions.

ArcIMS Route Server provides the ability to locate addresses on your street map. Complete geocoding capabilities are provided including the ability to calculate point locations for addresses as well as reverse geocoding. This is the process of finding an address by pointing at a location on the map.

ArcIMS Route Server employs a specially formatted street database that can be used for mapping at multiple scales.

ArcIMS Route Server

ArcIMS Route Server provides point-to-point driving directions and fast, accurate routing and geocoding.

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