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Map Production System (MPS)


Map Production System—Atlas (MPS-Atlas) is an extension to ArcGIS Desktop that provides tools for high-volume, high-quality cartographic production and automates map book, atlas, and grid creation. It combines dynamic text and tables, automated layout placement, and data frame management capabilities into one easy-to-use, wizard-driven environment.

MPS-Atlas supports the production of hundreds of maps in the time it would normally take to produce a single sheet. The flexible environment of MPS-Atlas allows the production of a variety of map series including parcel map books, utility map books, and topographic maps, as well as street and world atlases.

With Map Production System—Atlas, you can

  • Significantly reduce the production time required to generate cartographic products with batch creation, printing, and exporting of maps.
  • Streamline map production by making cartographic processes repeatable and distributable across your organization.
  • Improve the quality of your cartographic products with automated map production and editing tools.
  • Implement consistency and standardization across map products by defining and enforcing cartographic rules.
  • Add value for your customers by supporting custom map series requests.

Request a 60-day trial to see how MPS-Atlas can help your organization.

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