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ESRI Softwares
ArcGIS Business Analyst Online


ESRI Business Analyst Online is a Web-based solution that combines GIS technology with extensive demographic, consumer spending, and business data for the entire United States to deliver on-demand, boardroom-ready reports and maps.

Business Analyst Online gives you detailed information about the demographic makeup of various populations and their lifestyles and buying behavior as well as information about businesses in your market area.

With Business Analyst Online, you can

  • Perform drive-time analysis; visualize the results in a map; and make more informed and timely decisions about how to adapt and react to changes in your marketplace.
  • Analyze trade areas by understanding what businesses currently exist, how far customers have to travel to reach those businesses, and what your potential is to start a business in a particular area.
  • Evaluate sites that you are considering for your growth expansion or examine your existing sites to gauge whether you are maximizing your revenue potential or service offering.
  • Identify your most profitable customers and find more like them by analyzing current spending versus potential spending.
  • Reach your customers effectively through targeted marketing messages and channels by identifying specific market segments and their preferred media and communication choices.
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