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ArcGIS Business Analyst


ESRI Business Analyst Desktop software combines GIS analysis and visualization capabilities with an extensive data package so you can gain a better understanding and timely information about your market, your customers, and your competition. Organizations use Business Analyst Desktop to improve decisions about consolidations or expansions, determine the effect of changes in consumer behavior on existing business models, and to explore opportunities driven by economic factors and changes in market place.

Business Analyst Desktop is available with U.S. data or withCanadian data.

With Business Analyst Desktop, you can:

  • Build models that fit into your analysis workflow for site evaluation, market penetration, and customer prospecting.
  • Visualize your analysis through an interactive map that allows you to adjust parameters to run various what-if scenarios that can help you make better informed decisions faster.
  • Leverage your in-house data by combining it with Business Analyst Desktop's demographic, business, and shopping center data to discover trends, untapped markets, and opportunities.

These are just a few examples of how Business Analyst Desktop can help your organization. Read customer success stories to see how organizations are using Business Analyst Desktop.

Need a server-based, collaborative solution? ESRI Business Analyst Server may suit your needs.

view demos of the 9.3.1 enhancements

Quickly find your closest competitors with the Bing local search in Business Analyst 9.3.1

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