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PLTS for ArcGIS—Mapping Agency Solution


PLTS for ArcGIS—Mapping Agency Solution is an extension to ArcGIS that enables mapping agencies and commercial organizations to efficiently produce and maintain large-, intermediate-, and small-scale topographic basemap products.

From source compilation through data editing and cartographic finishing, Mapping Agency Solution provides you with the tools to achieve an efficient workflow. The solution is developed specifically for high-volume database production, maintenance, quality control, and high-quality cartographic output.

The solution includes many data models specific to mapping agencies, such as USGS topographic series, FEMA Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map (DFIRM), EuroRegionalMap (ERM), EuroGlobalMap (EGM), and GlobalMap geodatabases.

With Mapping Agency Solution, you can

  • Significantly reduce production time by managing and producing complex topographic data and maps from a central database.
  • Produce maps that meet your specifications using the included samples and templates or by developing your own.
  • Enhance the quality of your underlying basemap data with preconfigured validation checks.
  • Increase the efficiency of your production process through the use of a structured workflow.
  • Add value for your customers by supporting custom requests.

See success stories from organizations like yours that are improving operations and expanding their opportunities by making a secure investment in this solution.

USGS quadrangle

USGS Quadrangle produced using PLTS for ArcGIS—Mapping Agency Solution.

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