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GIS Data ReViewer


GIS Data ReViewer is an extension to ArcGIS Desktop that provides a set of quality control (QC) tools to streamline spatial data quality and management tasks.

Any organization that maintains spatial data infrastructures can use GIS Data ReViewer to automate its quality review processes.

With GIS Data ReViewer, you can

  • Significantly reduce error-tracking time by managing data review information in a geodatabase and eliminating the paper trail associated with QC.
  • Perform nearly 40 out-of-the-box checks.
  • Configure unlimited checks to meet your requirements and run them individually or as a group in a batch job.
  • Implement a consistent data review process by sharing batch jobs across the organization or with contractors.
  • Minimize your production resources via a simplified data review process with tools for error identification, logging, correction, and verification.
  • Increase confidence in your data by easily and accurately performing QC tasks such as logging error and anomaly information.
  • Streamline the error correction workflow across the organization by storing error properties and correction status of errors in a central location.
  • Further free up resources by scheduling data checks to run at set intervals, like nightly or weekly, when people are away.

See success stories from organizations like yours that are using GIS Data ReViewer to improve their operations and make reliable business decisions.

Quality assurance tools

Quality assurance tools for error identification, logging, correction, and verification.

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